we are a Birmingham based software development company who create polished web applications for companies who are obsessed with productivity

Business Systems

Business Systems

We deliver polished and user friendly applications that cover all aspects of your business' processes.

We have experience delivering effective solutions for sales driven service environments that give your staff the edge over the competition.

We also know the value of enabling and recording critical processes in manufacturing companies where logging and understanding history is key to success.



If you deliver a software product to your clients, we understand the importance of delivering a robust, reliable and sophisticated service.

We use leading open source technologies, along with following best-practice in development to deliver SaaS (Software as a Service) products you should be proud off.

User Interfaces should be intuitive and professional, performance and reliability must be good enough to go un-noticed, and most importantly the software should deliver obvious benefits that become essential to your customers.

Tools & Services

Tools & Services

Tools are targeted solutions that focussed on streamlining a particular area of your business. This could be speeding up the sales process with mobile app based CRM communication, remotely accessing order information, or speeding up your Accounts department.

Services can be great ways of delivering great value to your clients with very little or no on-going cost to your business.

Examples include Product Information stores, Order Processing alerts, or access to Quality Control information.


How We Work

When it comes to planning new projects the first thing we do is Listen. This is the only we can find out how your business works and what you are looking for from your application. We spend time in your office, with all of the applications users, understanding what they need from the application.

The next stage is working with you to Discover how we can make the application work harder for you. This can be using new approaches and technology to incorporate the ideas you've always had for your system. We can also use our experience to suggest functionality you may not have thought off. We are passionate about using technology to make your data work harder.

The last planning stage is to Map what your application will look like. A functional requirements document, comprising user stories, story boards and wireframes will give us all a blueprint of the application before we start coding.

We're all about delivering a quality product. For the Build we use open source but well established technology, to give you what you need without re-inventing the wheel. This helps keep the application robust and easy to maintain or develop.

For all modules we Test against requirements as they are delivered. We also use comprehensive automated testing to make sure the application continues to work as it grows.

At the end of each module we look back and Learn, making sure we incorporate any lessons into the rest of the project.

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