The UCM-Pi is a module we developed with Cytech for the Cytech Comfort range, which allows you to add a Raspberry Pi Industrial Compute 3 or 3+ module to your alarm.

With our specially configured Raspbian build you can now add so much more to your alarm and home automation setup. For example you can now make use of all of your wired alarms sensors from within you home automation apps. As you walk in to a room the light can come on, set and unset your alarm from your mobile device, use the UCM-Pi to integrate many different providers and protocols for no extra cost.

The UCM-Pi build includes Node-RED, a very widely supported visual programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services. If you can think of a piece of home automation hardware, there is probably a Node-RED plugin for it.

You can buy the UCM module from Laser.com, and the Pi Compute modules from FarnellRS and others.
For more information on what the UCM-Pi can do with Node-Red, have a look here

Getting Started

  1. Install the hardware
  2. Configure the software

Adding functionality

Extending the functionality is fairly easy.

  1. Add Z-Wave Support - Courtesy of Keith Milner
  2. Add Apple Homekit Support
  3. Add support for Apple TV
  4. OpenHab - Coming Soon
  5. Add HomeAssistant

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The UCM module is now for sale in the UK at Laser.com.

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