UCM-Pi is now out Beta and for sale

by Ben Stinton - 2nd October 2020

We've just noticed that the UCM-Pi module for the Cytech Comfort alarm is now for sale at Laser. This is a product we developed with Cytech, which allows you to add a Raspberry Pi Industrial Compute 3 / 3+ module to your alarm. The pi runs a linux build making MQTT, Node-Red, openHAB and Home Assistant available and linked to your home. This means your smart home setup can now be managed with your alarm and its sensors. TLDR your alarm can now link to Apple's Home, Amazon's Alexa, Google's Home and many more, giving you the awesome power and flexibility of Node-Red.

You can buy the UCM module from Laser.com, and the Pi Compute modules from Farnell, RS and others.
The just follow the instructions on flashing your Pi, and off you go.

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