The mobile phone has become the mainstay of our lives. We order our food on them, read the news on them, pay for train fares and taxis on them, email our customers and WhatsApp our friends on them. We track the latest trends and participate in social activities, solve puzzles and waste time on them.

And whilst we are doing all this, we are being marketed to, being influenced on what to buy and where to buy it, as well as selling and buying products and services, and engaging with like minded individuals.

Actionable-Intelligence from alphaWerk allows organisations to unlock and understand the activities of their mobile communities.

ActionableIntelligence targets, captures and processes specific activity on the device according to the consent provided and configuration of the solution and then allows the organisation to take actions upon it, such as saving the resulting data for further analysis, trigger a notification on the participants device or even overlaying content for engagement by the participant.

With a focus on privacy, data minimisation, GDPR and CCPA, we have created groundbreaking tools so you can limit the data collected to just the insights you and your customers need.


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